The Tactical Rabbi

Currently the owner and founder of National Defensive Firearms Training (, Raziel Cohen, otherwise known as "The Tactical Rabbi," is a firearms instructor and a commonly called upon figure profiled in many magazine and news platforms including Vice, The Los Angeles Times, Fox News, The Daily Wire, The Daily LedgerNRA TV, The New York Post, and others. Rabbi Cohen firmly believes in an individual’s God-given right to self protection with an emphasis on proper training to achieve safe and proper usage.




What Gun Pegboard Products is The Tactical Rabbi Using?

Part Number: 30-P-3232 B - Black Gun Rack Panels (2)

Part Number: 10-UH-003 B - 3in Gun Hook in Black

Part Number: AO-RUBRCT-B - Gun Rack Accessory Liner

Part Number: 10-HL-102 B - Long Slotted Gun Panel Hook in Black

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