Firearm Storage & Organization

How To Store Your Firearms

After testing various methods using different products in our lineup, Gun Pegboard has found that the gun rack products listed below can be used to achieve the most efficient way store your AR-15s, hunting rifles, shotguns, tactical rifles, Paintball or Airsoft guns, and any other long firearms you may have. You will also find examples below of how these products are used and get ideas as to how your firearm & gear storage setup could look like!

Vertical Gun Storage

Firearm Metal Peg Board Storage Display & Organization

Vertically storing your long guns and long firearms is the most efficient way to utilize the Gun Pegboard Modular Gun Rack System. Store your long guns and long firearms by using a 32in x 16in Gun Rack Panel, Gun Rack Shelf and a Gun Barrel Holder. This method allows for 5-6 long guns (depending on width of firearms) such as AR15s, shotguns, hunting rifles, etc. to be stored on one gun storage panel with gun barrel holders and a storage shelf.

Customer Examples

DIY Pegboard Gun Wall

Ultimate Gun Storage Vault

Firearm Storage Gallery

Barrel Holder Bungie

Barrel Holder Bungie Cord Guide

Using a Barrel Holder? Want your long gun to sit more firmly? Use this Barrel Holder Bungie Cord Guide to further secure your firearm in place.

Bungie Guide

NERF Gun Wall Display Storage

NERF Gun Wall Display Storage & Organization