Bins & Cabinets

Expand the capabilities of your Gun Pegboard setup with our versatile range of bins and cabinet accessories, a perfect addition to any firearm storage system. Whether you're organizing small gun parts, loose ammunition, or maintenance tools, Gun Pegboard's bins and cabinets offer an efficient and tidy solution. Our selection includes hanging pegboard bins and tip-out bin cabinets, seamlessly integrate with our metal pegboard system.

These storage accessories are not just limited to gun-related items; they are adaptable for a variety of uses. Whether it's for keeping your gun cleaning supplies in order, storing miscellaneous items in your workshop, or even organizing everyday items in your home, these bins and cabinets are up to the task. Crafted from durable materials, our bins and cabinets ensure that whatever you store is kept secure and easily accessible.

Gun Pegboard's bins and cabinets are more than just practical; they also contribute to a streamlined and organized appearance of your storage space. With their sleek design, they complement the overall look of your gun pegboard, enhancing the visual appeal of your gun room or display area.