Brand Ambassadors

Meet the Gun Pegboard Brand Ambassadors!
Our growing community of gun lovers use Gun Pegboard for their home gun vaults, gun rooms, reloading benches, gunsmith workstations, and survival gear storage. Whether they're a warrior, hunter, or just a gun nut (or all of the above) - our Brand Ambassadors trust Gun Pegboard with their guns & gear. Check out our Brand Ambassadors' social media for some awesome gun related content!

  • The Tactical Rabbi

    The Tactical Rabbi

    Meet Raziel Cohen, A.K.A. The Tactical Rabbi. As firearms instructor he owns & operates National Defensive Firearms Training where he teaches proper & safe gun training. Rabbi Cohen believes in an individual's God-given right to self defense. Follow along with Raziel to see more!

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  • Alpha Dog Baker

    Heath Baker

    Meet Heath, a professional coyote hunter and Marketing Director for Predator Tactics. Heath hunts all over the country and teaches others the ins and outs of coyote hunting along the way. Follow along with Heath to truly see who the Alpha Dog is.

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  • OBNXS1


    OBNXS1 started his YouTube channel because of his interest in firearms & absolute belief in the 2nd Amendment. I’m not a professional, I’m a regular guy with a decent knowledge of firearms and lucky enough to have a moderate collection.

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  • CDS Arms

    CDS Arms

    Meet Cory, a guy with a serious passion for high end guns and gear, and an eye for organization. Cory uses Gun Pegboard to store and protect his collection of firearms for his business Freedom Security / CDS ARMS. See more of Cory and of his collection here.

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  • iamKevinKinzer


    Kevin Kinzer of Augusta, GA, serves as a dedicated Gun Pegboard Brand Ambassador. An enthusiastic shooter with a deep-rooted history in the Army National Guard, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and a passion for the firearms community. See more of Kevin here.

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