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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Payment Types Are Accepted?

Gun Pegboard accepts the following payment types: Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, AMEX, VISA, Discover.

  • What Is Gun Pegboard Made Out Of?

Our Peg Board is made out of 20 Gauge Steel and MADE IN USA

  •  Mounting Hardware Doesn't Work For My Application, What Now?

We apologize the included hardware will not work with your installation. Feel free to use any mounting hardware you need to mount into your application safely. The screws and anchors are only provided as a convenience if they happen to work (most pegboard companies provide no mounting hardware for this very reason, as it is tough to guess what substrate each and every customer would be going into (straight into studs, drywall of varying thicknesses, cement, concrete block basement walls, plaster, steel studs, etc.). If you cannot use them, feel free to discard of them or save them and perhaps use them on a future project where they could be helpful.

  • How Much Weight Can My Pegboard Support?

Specific weight capacities depend upon quality of installation, substrate installed into, bracket or hook selection, weight distribution, actual load centers, and a whole host of other variables which make advertising specific and idealistic laboratory load ratings potentially misleading (be cautious of any brand that does this because this sort of advertising can be dangerous). That being said, our panels and brackets can hold a lot of weight when properly installed and used correctly. We offer panels, brackets, and shelves rigid and strong enough to support most heavy common storage items such as bicycles, ladders, sledge hammers and ironing boards just to name a few common applications. If you have a specific application that concerns you, contact us at or on our Contact Us page and we will be glad to assist you.