Discover the robust and versatile range of brackets from Gun Pegboard, designed to enhance the functionality and appearance of your firearm storage system. These brackets, compatible exclusively with our slotted metal pegboard, offer a stable and secure way to display and organize your firearms and accessories.

Our powder-coated metal pegboard brackets feature a scratch and rust-resistant baked-on finish, ensuring lasting durability and maintaining a sleek appearance through years of use. The unique design of these brackets complements the Gun Pegboard system flawlessly, providing a reliable and attractive solution for gun owners.

Each bracket is engineered for a patented engagement mechanism that necessitates two deliberate up-and-down motions to secure or remove from the pegboard. This innovative feature significantly reduces the likelihood of the brackets dislodging or falling, a crucial factor in maintaining the safety and integrity of your firearm display.

These slotted brackets, while compatible with all standard slots in our Gun Pegboard panels, are optimized for use with our system, ensuring the best fit and stability. Whether you're displaying rifles, shotguns, or other gun accessories, these brackets provide the necessary support and security.

At Gun Pegboard, we understand that firearm storage requires both strength and aesthetics. Our slotted brackets are a testament to this understanding, offering a solution that is both secure for your firearms and visually appealing for your space.