Horizontal Gun Racks

Gun Pegboard's Wall Mounted Gun Rack Panels redefine the way firearms are stored horizontally. These panels, at the forefront of horizontal wall gun rack systems, blend unmatched adaptability with affordability, ensuring that your firearms are arranged side-by-side with precision and care.

Our designs for horizontal rifle racks, known for their easy installation, offer a diverse range of slotted gun hooks, storage shelves, and other essential pegboard accessories. Notably, the Gun Pegboard Gun Wall Rack Panels adopt the timeless 1/4" peg hole design, facilitating users to weave in a plethora of accessories into their horizontal firearm storage configurations.

For those who appreciate both aesthetics and function, our tactical gun walls are a perfect match. Beyond just facilitating streamlined horizontal firearm storage, they breathe life into any space with their visually appealing gun display arrangements. Plus, emphasizing the principle of horizontal storage, our wall-mounted rifle racks become an indispensable tool for ensuring every gunsmith accessory has its dedicated place.

In a nutshell, when the quest is for top-notch horizontal firearm storage or a versatile rifle holder solution, Gun Pegboard remains an unmatched contender.