Gun Pegboard's specialized range of slotted hooks is tailor-made to complement our pegboard system, ensuring a secure and perfect fit for your firearm storage needs. These slotted hooks, integral to our system, are meticulously crafted to support and display a variety of firearms, from compact handguns to larger rifles and shotguns.

Each hook in our collection is purpose-built for the Gun Pegboard system, guaranteeing not just compatibility but also enhanced stability and security for your firearms. Our array includes diverse styles such as our Pistol Hooks for handguns and sturdy U-hooks for larger firearms, all designed to hold your guns safely and securely in place.

Beyond their functional excellence, our slotted hooks are designed to enhance the overall appearance of your gun storage area. Their sleek design ensures that your firearms are the centerpiece, providing a professional and organized display that any gun owner would be proud of.

Our patented engagement requires two deliberate motions up-and-down to engage and disengage and the hook and they feature adjustable stabilizing taps to create tension between the pegboard panel face and the hook, essentially locking it into place on the pegboard. The seamless design allows you to effortlessly customize and adapt your storage space. The flexibility to rearrange and tailor your setup as your collection grows is a key feature, making these hooks ideal for both avid collectors and hobbyists alike.

At Gun Pegboard, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive storage solutions that blend functionality, security, and aesthetic appeal. Our slotted hooks, a core component of the Gun Pegboard system, embody this ethos, providing a reliable, durable, and stylish means to showcase and secure your firearms.