Gun Hook Narrow Firearm Pegs & Gun Cleaning Brush Storage Rack Hooks (4) Pack - 3 Inch Reach - 10-PH-N03

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Pack Includes:

(4) 3in Reach Gun Pegboard Gun Cleaning Brush Rack Hooks

**Please Note: This product is the same as PN 10-GH-334 except WITHOUT the Rubber Liners


The Gun Pegboard 3in Narrow Slotted Gun Cleaning Brush Storage Hook is great for storing and organizing gun cleaning brushes and supplies. Gun Pegboard Wall Mounted Gun Racks are great for firearm related tool storage and cleaning supplies organization and is a great pegboard hook for hanging items with small diameter holes such as brushes, spools, thread spools, levels, rulers, ammo reloading equipment and much more. The thin narrow hook size, 1/4in thickness, allows for items with small holes to easily fit onto the slotted peg hook. The Gun Pegboard 3in Narrow Brush Hook and Spool Holder Storage Peg extends roughly 3in from the pegboard tool board and features a 1/4in tip which prevents tools, spools, reloading tools, and accessories from sliding off the end of the peg hook. Easily create a Gun Cleaning Brush Storage Rack or a Reloading Tool Storage Organizer using wall-mounted metal gun racks by Gun Pegboard and these narrow and thin slotted pegboard pegs.

Gun Pegboard Slotted Accessories feature a patented engagement that requires two deliberate motions up-and-down to engage and disengage the hooks. This allows for Gun Pegboard's slotted hooks to sit more securely compared to regular peg hooks used on the wall gun rack storage display panel.

Gun Pegboard hooks are manufactured to accommodate multiple panel finishes and feature stabilizing tabs which allows the hooks to be tighter against the panel face. Using pliers, these tabs can be carefully bent back toward the panel face to create more tension between the panel face and the hook. This process may take a bit of fine tuning to get a better fit depending on the type of finish on the panel.

These Slotted Gun Pegboard Accessories are only for use with Slotted Gun Pegboard Wall Gun Rack Panels. Even though Gun Pegboard Panels will accept conventional 1/4' peg hooks, these hooks are only for use on Gun Pegboard Gun Racks.

Gun Pegboard Products are Made in the USA

*Pictured guns, gun accessories, weapons, ammunition, etc. are not for sale. They are only shown as examples.

The design of Gun Pegboard's metal peg board guarantees that it will last a lifetime. The days of dealing with old, ugly masonite or plastic pegboard is over. Gun Pegboard's metal pegboard design and high-strength construction allow it to perform for years upon years as your gun wall display and firearm storage center. All of Gun Pegboard's metal pegboard products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects against product failure and manufacturing defects, if installed and used correctly. We have engineered our metal pegboard products to last a lifetime and have backed that claim up by offering this warranty. If your Gun Pegboard metal pegboard were to ever fail, just send it back and we will replace it. *For exclusions to this Limited Lifetime Warranty please visit our Lifetime Warranty page

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