An Exclusive Offer for Law Enforcement Agencies

Gun Pegboard recognizes the invaluable service and commitment of our law enforcement officers. As they strive to keep our communities safe, we understand the vital role of efficient and secure firearm storage. To show our appreciation and extend our support, we offer exclusive benefits to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Personalized Offers for Law Enforcement Agencies

We encourage law enforcement agencies to get in touch with us for exclusive discounts tailored to their specific needs. This gesture strengthens our pledge to support those departments that work tirelessly for our safety.

Whether your precinct needs to upgrade its gun room, or your mobile command center requires a more organized firearm storage solution, the Wall Control Gun Pegboard System offers an unparalleled blend of quality, versatility, and affordability.

High Volume Orders

For law enforcement agencies planning to place large orders exceeding $10,000, please contact us directly at Our dedicated customer service team will be happy to discuss pricing.

We take pride in being industry leaders in firearm storage and organization. Our commitment extends beyond providing top-quality products; we also strive for excellent customer service, assisting you throughout your purchasing journey, regardless of your order size.

Benefits of Gun Pegboard Systems for Law Enforcement

Our comprehensive range of gun rack panels, storage solutions, and tactical gun walls are well suited for law enforcement settings. The Wall Control Gun Pegboard System is durable, easy to install, and offers a myriad of firearm storage and organization options. With our wide selection of slotted pegboard gun hooks, storage shelves, and accessories, we simplify firearm and gunsmith tool organization.

Secure Your Assets with Gun Pegboard

Gun Pegboard stands by the promise of delivering American-made, superior quality products. We honor the dedication of our law enforcement agencies and look forward to supporting them through our specialized offers.

Connect with us today to take advantage of these personalized discounts and experience the efficiency and order that come with using Gun Pegboard for your firearm storage needs.

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