Gun Rack Closets

See ways Gun Pegboard's customers are creating DIY Gun Closet storage solutions and example images. Our modular gun rack system provides an easy way to turn any space into a gun storage room. Do you have a closet or small space cluttered with junk or one that you never use? Turn it into a gun room!

Gun Rack ClosetHidden Gun Storage Closet

Gun closets are a great way to create a DIY hidden gun storage solution. By mounting our gun rack panels behind clothes, in a secret closet, or just a small secure room you can easily setup gun storage panels. In the above images, one of our customers used our panels to hide a few AR-15s and spare magazines for easy access and for secure hidden gun storage. Virtually any closet or space in your house with sufficient wall space can be turned into a secure home gun room.

Under Stairs Gun StorageHidden Gun Storage Closet

Kick out the wizard living under your stairs and use it for gun storage! Under stairs storage is an under-utilized solution we don't see often. Most areas such as this are a cluttered mess and can easily be turned into a hidden firearm safe room. In the customer images above, they added reinforcements to the door to further prevent the bad guys from getting in, and has plenty of room for storing all of their firearms, ammunition, and various other items.

Under Stairs Gun Storage

Here is another great customer example efficiently using a small space to create a secure gun storage room. You can store a sufficient amount of guns, ammo, and mags in a space like this. It's time to get rid of the spare closet! Install a secure door, lighting, and whatever else you need to keep your firearms safe and organized.