Archery Compound Bow Holder Wall Storage Organizer Kit

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The 4 Foot Wide by 32-Inch-Tall Archery Compound Bow Holder Kit is the perfect storage solution for your bow, arrows, bow case and any other archery supplies you might have. Whether you are an Archery shop owner, a hunter, competitive shooter, or just someone that loves archery this modular storage kit has you covered. This kit includes multiple different size hooks and brackets for you to hang up your bow, arrows, release, bow case, bow accessories and any other archery products you might want to store. The two 6-inch shelves included are great for storing your fletchings, broadhead cases, rangefinders, Allen wrenches or anything else you can imagine. The three plastic hanging bins are great for storing extra field points, extra bow and arrow accessories or various tools. The great thing about this affordable storage kit is that it’s completely customizable. You can add any Gun Pegboard accessory that fits your specific needs, and it will also accept normal ¼-inch pegboard pegs. You can also add more Gun Pegboard panels to your setup if you need a little more storage space. This one-of-a-kind Archery Compound Bow Holder Wall Storage Organizer Kit will allow you to show off your bow while at the same time keeping all your archery accessories organized and in one place. No longer will you have to keep your bow in a case in the garage!

 This Affordable Archery Compound Bow Holder Wall Storage Organizer Kit is easy to Install and comes with Free Shipping.

*Use Box Above, or Click Part Numbers Listed Below to add Items to Cart Individually to Assemble the Kit Pictured Above*

The Archery Compound Bow Holder Wall Storage Kit as pictured Includes:

(3) Vertical Gun Pegboard Wall Rack Panels – 30-P-3216

(1) Pack of 4 Curved Tip Hooks to Hold your Bow and Any Other Archery Components – 10-HZ-103

(2) Packs of 2 Arrow Holder Brackets to store up to 3 Arrows of any size per bracket – 10-CR-105

(1) Pack of 2 Slanted U-Shaped Hooks to Store your Bow Case or Archery Target – 10-BOE-007

(2) Packs of 6 Standard 7/8-Inch Reach Hooks for Any Archery/Bow Accessories – 10-HS-001

(2) 6-Inch Shelf Assemblies for Storing Archery/Bow Accessories – ASM-SH-1606

(1) 14-Inch Accessory Hanger Bracket to hold the Plastic Hanging Bins – 10-AH-014

(1) Pack of 3 Plastic Hanging Bins for Storing Broadheads or any other Archery supplies – 10-30-210

(2) Packs of Rubber Coating to add extra padding to any hook or bracket – AO-RUBRCT-B


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*Pictured Bow, Bow accessories, Arrows, Bow Case, etc. are not for sale. They are only shown as examples.

Gun Pegboard has designed a metal archery pegboard system that will Last a Lifetime. Gun Pegboard's metal wall archery rack design and high-strength construction allow it to perform for years upon years as your archery wall storage display center home base. All Gun Pegboard metal archery wall storage rack products and archery gear wall organizers are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which protects against product failure and manufacturing defects, if installed and used correctly. We have engineered our metal Gun Pegboard products to last a lifetime and have backed that claim up by offering this warranty. If your Gun Pegboard metal archery wall rack were to ever fail, just send it back and we will replace it. *For exclusions to this Limited Lifetime Warranty please visit our Lifetime Warranty page

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