Vertical Gun Racks

Gun Pegboard's Wall Mounted Gun Rack Panels revolutionize the concept of vertical firearm storage with their impeccable design. As the pinnacle of vertical wall gun rack solutions, these panels offer unmatched versatility and affordability, ensuring your firearms are stored securely and efficiently in an upright position.

Our vertical rifle rack designs, which are exceptionally straightforward to install, encompass a vast range of slotted gun hooks, storage shelves, and other essential slotted pegboard accessories. In particular, the Gun Pegboard Gun Wall Rack Panels integrate the classic 1/4" peg hole design, which lets users effortlessly incorporate an extensive variety of accessories into their vertical gun storage setups.

For firearm enthusiasts who value a blend of aesthetic appeal and utility, our tactical gun walls stand out. These designs not only cater to efficient vertical firearm wall storage but also elevate the space with striking gun display walls. Additionally, our wall mounted rifle racks, emphasizing the vertical storage principle, are the go-to solution for safeguarding gunsmith tools, ensuring every item finds its rightful spot.

Ultimately, if you're on the lookout for the finest in vertical gun storage or a comprehensive rifle holder, Gun Pegboard is the gold standard in the industry.